10 Sep

How to get rid of smelly armpits, by using lemon?

Ladies you have to try this!! 

Most people do not know how powerful this is in getting rid of body odour especially odour from the armpit region. This is the best technique I have discovered for getting rid of smelly armpits, without using chemical deodorants or antiperspirants is lemon. Fresh lemon from the supermarket will work wonder on your armpits. For some people lemon juice may irritate the skin so I suggest you try with one arm first to see if it causes you irritation.

To get the best effect from using lemon, to get rid of underarm smell, follow these simple directions:

1 step: Take a good bath washing your armpits carefully. After getting out of the shower dry your underarms thoroughly.

2 step: I usually have a fresh lemon in the fridge, I will cut and apply it under the armpit, and I will use it for couple of days.

The citric acid in lemon will kill the bacteria that are fond of your underarms and unlike with antibacterial products bacteria do not seem to develop a resistance to citric acid. It is better to smell like lemon than smell like rotten fish.

I use this everyday and nobody has ever told me that I smell, try it and tell me what you think!


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