Why I love vintage

11 Nov

There’s one thing the brands cant give you; they can’t offer you clothing that have a story behind them. For that, you have to dive into the realms of second-hand shopping and vintage treasure hunting.

To some, vintage is just nasty, used, outdated clothing. But what’s the difference between wearing a garment that’s thirty years old and wearing a piece of clothing you purchased from H&M after dozens of people have tried it on in the dressing room? If you’re afraid of cooties, toss it into the wash, take it to the cleaners, or remain a copy and leave all the pretty treasures for me.

Vintage just has a certain appeal, I guess knowing that everyone won’t be wearing what you have is the biggest draw for me.  Wearing vintage clothing means wearing pieces that are no longer sold in large quantities. You’re less likely to bump into someone on the street who is wearing the same outfit. . It is like having “one-of-a-kind” while this is not completely true, you’ll still be hard pressed to find someone wearing the exact same piece, albeit, in the same way.

I just love looking unique and vintage is a great way to do that, and I love when everyone’s is like OMG where’d u get that?! I always reply, “Its vintage, you cant get it sorry!

When I buy a piece of vintage, part of the thrill is to be able to research its origin. Learning where a piece came from gives me pride in my wardrobe. It makes my clothes special. It gives them meaning.

I was recently out shopping for vintage, and I found this bag, and I loved loved it, from the moment I saw it, I asked the gentleman working in the shop, where he had gotten the bag from, and he explained that the bag had belonged to a doctor, that recently had past away, the doctor had used this bag for almost 40 years.  For most people, this would be repugnant, that the bag had belonged to a man who then died, but for me, I find it interesting, because suddenly, me and the object’s former owner have become forever linked.

There’s nothing like finding a wonderful vintage piece, whether from a thrift shop, a yard sale, even eBay. I especially enjoy finding and refurbishing dress, shoes and bags. Some of the things I wear most often are older than I am, and I love caring for items of such excellent craftsmanship that just aren’t produced these days. Also, I’m fascinated by the labels I find inside the items. I’m always learning the histories of stores and manufacturers that haven’t been around for decades. Vintage clothing has a way of inspiring the mind. When I wear a piece from 1950, I can picture that time period in my mind and wonder what the woman who first wore the piece felt like when she wore it.

Some of my vintage shopping

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Shoes; 10 kr.

The Cream bag; 40 kr.

The records; 10 kr.

The cuth bag; 30 kr.

Do you own anything with a story? If you do, please let me know below, or send me a picture, next week I will do collection of images of your favorite vintage items.


3 Responses to “Why I love vintage”

  1. Lea November 11, 2012 at 21:15 #

    I love love your bag, is it the doctor bag??

  2. Adriana November 12, 2012 at 08:55 #

    I like

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