Would you get an Abortion?

18 Nov

This is a real life story based on a girls life.

When I was 21 years old, I had a boyfriend that I lived with, at that time we had been dating for about 3 years and at that time we had a pretty chaotic realsonship. He was very strict and old-fashioned.  He was a completely a different person than I was. I’m a curious person,  who loves to experience  things, but with him, I was always at home and lost all my acquaintances.

One day it happened! And  I got pregnant, but I did not know, that I was pregnat. I had noticed that I did not get my period but, I was on birth control pills, so how could I get pregnant.

One evening I was eating nutella  and that made me throw up, and I knew something was wrong, because I love nutella, and I have never been sick because of eating nutella.

Next day I went to the store and bought a pregnancy test and it showed positive. My whole world collapsed, I did not know if I should rejoice or be afraid of the consequences. The consequences that awaited me from my family’s side that I should have a child and was not married, my future, my school, work … Everything turned around in my head. I couldn’t  deal with a thought of having an abortion. I did not know what to do. My tears were a combination of happiness and sadness.

The next day I called the doctor and got an appointment, the doctor gave me a pregnancy test and that also gave a positive result. The doctors figured out that I was 11 weeks pregnant and the same day I got an appointment for an abortion and they gave me about 7 days to think about whether  I wanted to keep it or not. During those 7 days, I became more sure about  keeping the baby, but one day before I had to give the final decision, I decided that I would remove the baby. I felt so much guilt and felt that I was killing my own baby.

I chose an abortion, because I wanted a decent guy to be the father of my baby, one that was able to be a father. I wanted an education, and I wanted to have a steady job before I had a baby, and the most important thing of all, was I wanted to be in control of myself and of who I was, because I knew that I would like to be a role model for my children.  How could I be a role model, if I didn’t know who I was, and where I was going.

It was painful to have an abortion, I could feel the fetus ( baby) come out and it felt like I had lost a part of myself. The first few weeks after the abortion, were really hard on me, I broke up with my boyfriend, so I could get hold of my life after a long struggle with reproachment. But today I can say that it was a hard  decision,  but  I don’t regret it, because now  I have the possibility to get  me an education and get me a job and most importantly to find the man who will love me for who I am and be a good father.


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