Vogue’s Bookings Associate Simone Setteh

15 Jan





I found an editorial column of Simone Setteh, she is Vogue’s bookings associate, and a very beautiful Lady. They followed her for five days to capture five looks she wears to the office. In her interview with vogue, she talks about her natural hair and shares her style and makeup tips.

“As Bookings Associate at Vogue my primary responsibilities consist of casting the hairstylists and makeup artists for our photo shoots.

I get my hair cut by Dickey at Hair Rules salon in Manhattan. He’s my curly-hair guru! About a year ago, I made the impulsive decision to completely shave my head. Although a cute and totally low-maintenance look, I’ve decided to grow it back out again, and Dickey is helping me rediscover all the fun I can have with my coily curls—such as adding accessories like a scarf from time to time.”

You can read the rest of her interview and view more pictures here on Vogue.com

5days–simone-tetteh-1_12081623591-e1345902385441 5days–simone-tetteh-2_120823161417-e1345902438844 5days–simone-tetteh-4_120825477827-e1345902968481 5days–simone-tetteh-6_120826683577-e1345903018411 5days–simone-tetteh-7_120827211505-e1345902689188 5days–simone-tetteh-10_120817175537-e1345902634913 5days–simone-tetteh-14_120820906218-e1345902593967 5days–simone-tetteh-15_120821665395-e1345902489111






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