My favourite African designer STELLA JEAN, I simply love Stella Jean.

24 Jan

During the Milan fashion week the store Banner hosted the collection of desiger Stella Jean, who showcased the spring/summer collection and pre-2012 collection A/W 2012-13.

It has been a long while since I’ve wanted to buy something sooo bad. In Stella Jean designs you will recognize her Caribbean origins, her African influences and her Italian sense of style.  Look at the patterns, the florals, the long flowing gowns, the classy pencil skirts, the tailored jackets. I am head over heels in love with this line

Take a scroll below and you will understand why I love Stella Jean

DSC0017 09-1842734_0x440 STELLA DSC0009 DSC0008 DSC0007 DSC0005

il-re-delle-balene25-0_0x440 il-re-delle-balene26-3077237_0x440 il-re-delle-balene20-5749_0x440 il-re-delle-balene19-687898_0x440 il-re-delle-balene15-832979_0x440

DSC0023 DSC0026


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