Bizarre Beauty: Some African Men Are Tattooing Their Lips Pink To Look More Attractive

3 Feb

Most of the time, we women go above and beyond to enhance our physical features but men in Nigeria are flipping the script.

This story caught my eye not only because it was shocking, but also because it’s always disheartening to see what we humans are willing to risk for vanity just to fit in.

A video on the Nigerian website,, shows men having their lips tattooed pink to look more attractive. The procedure is done to help men with “black lips” according to the tattoo artist in the video.

The video, shows that men will pay up to 35-40 US dollars to have their lips lightened.

The practice, is referred to as “cleaning up the lips,”  is becoming increasingly popular.

“We get more than 10 customers in a day,” the tattoo artist explains.

You can also go the natural way and use, Vaseline, lemon juice and lip balm to keep our lips from becoming black, instead of going through the painful, permanent and expensive treatment to appear more attractive.

We tattoo everything from head to toe in western countries! Don’t judge! Lil’ Wayne may end up with this one. That’s the only thing he hasn’t tattooed.

 The Huffington Post argues that the prevalent pink lip tattoo trend could point to race and self-esteem issues. Do you agree?




3 Responses to “Bizarre Beauty: Some African Men Are Tattooing Their Lips Pink To Look More Attractive”

  1. Lisa February 15, 2013 at 06:08 #

    This to funn, what is next

  2. Lauren April 16, 2013 at 15:05 #

    Whoah, I come from south africa and I was told that the antiretroviral drugs used to treat AIDS could make black lips go bright pink.
    I found out because suddenly a man my dad works with had bright pink lips and I had to ask, why were they suddenly pink – he wasn’t wearing any lipstick, and that was the answer I was given.
    I’m not sure this is true though, it could be something my dad made up… but it would suck getting your lips tattooed to have people thinking you had HIV.

    • aafroscandic April 16, 2013 at 15:07 #

      Hahahaha in Uganda people say that if you have pink lips then you have Aids

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