While we are fighting to get equal pay, there are women in the world who are fighting for the right to wear pants.

26 Mar


On the 8 of match it was the International Women’s Day, my aunt asked me if I had celebrated and I said no I have not, and I thought about why she asked, and should I have celebrated, what is there to celebrate, and why do we have an International Women’s Day? It didn’t even touch me that there was a day dedicated to women.

But do I think like that because I live in Denmark and I take the rights I have as a woman as a matter of course, my rights as a women were assigned to me, I did not fight for them, they were just there, if I have fought for anything, it was to say to a guy, hey you don’t  have to pay for everything when we go out, I can also pay.

In the western world, we women often take women’s rights for granted, but in many countries, women don’t have the same status as men. I can’t help but wonder about the significance of this day – whether it even deems any significance at all – especially for women living outside the western world, living back home. While it is fairly easy for  me (as well as many others), who are living in the ‘privileged’ West, to talk about the importance of International Women’s Day and how it brings awareness to our rights as citizens, and mostly importantly of all, as human beings; we still fail to realise that the majority of women, especially those living ‘back home’, do not have access to the same privileges, for they are denied even the most basic of human rights.

While we are fighting to get equal pay, there are women in the world who are fighting for the right to wear pants.

 Lubna al-Hussein from sudan, was arrested for wearing pants that were too tight. She was arrested along with 18 other women on July 3 at a Khartoum restaurant after police burst in and checked women for their clothing. In Sudan they have ‘morality police’ They attack public and private parties and groups, to check if they are probably dressed and these women were victim of a round-up.”Nadil Adib risks 40 lashes. On the trail day,  In front of the court hundreds of woman were gathered to protest, women were yelling;   “We will not go back to the Middle Ages” and “No to oppression of women,”.

Read the rest of the article here


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