Do you have a ”Love relationship” with your nails, if one breaks your heart breaks too?

30 Mar

Miss Mundi Jones shares her relationship with her nails .

What is your favorite nail polish color and why?

I really don’t have a favorite; I like to try out everything, from funky colors, to less noticeable colors or designs. But if I have to pick I would say right now I,m feeling nude colors from O.P.I. Nude is amazing, it goes with everything, any outfit you pull off and its not out there in your face, so whether you work at a store or have a high end job, nude is the way to go. Red is also one color I to like wear a lot. Red is sexy and empowering, it just gives you confidence like you own a ho.

How do you maintain your nails?

I get my nails done. My nails are acrylic. So when I get them done with designs or plain with nail polish, I really dont worry about them that much, they are not easy to break, but they do grow out like everything else, so I just go back and get them done again, looking nice and fresh

Do you have a ”Love relationship” with your nails, if one breaks your heart breaks too?

Yes omg.. there is nothing worse than a broken nail (okay maybe a shoe lol) its like a car with four wheels if one breaks you cant drive. I feel like that with my nails and shit just don’t look good anymore and needs to be fixed ASAP. The thing with the arcylic nails you just cant remove them like that, you need to put your hands in acetone for a while before they fall out, so if you break your nails on a night out, too bad lol

Where do you get your inspiration from when designing your nails?

When it comes to designing nails, you just have to go in there with an open mind, go wild on the imagination, mix and match, just go crazy. I usually go with the mood and the season too, like I’m not going to wear extra summerly colors in the cold winter like yellow, that’s nice in the summer though. My inspiration also comes from a girl who does celebrity nails in USA, I look at her work, and try to make it my own, most of these people here cant do nails like she can, celebrities like Rihanna or Natalie Nunn have also inspired me, they always have the most beautiful nails

 Who is the lady behind those fabulous Nails?

 I have gotten my nails done a lot of different places here in Copenhagen, when I lived in Aarhus I had a specific place I did my nails. Most places I did my nails in Cph were not good at all, nails could just fall off at doing nothing. But now I found my Chinese nail lady Le’ she does a great job, she is amazing at her craft and she is hella funny too, she tells me weird stories while doing my nails and i enjoy that, every time I leave the shop I feel great. So go get your nails done at Le’s shop located in the shopping mall field, you can get mani’s and padi’s.


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