TedTalk: Richard Turere: My Invention that Made Peace with Lions

15 Apr


Richard Turere is a young Maasai, that  lives in the wilderness of the Kenya savanna, on the edge of a national park full of rhino, giraffe, buffalo and lions. Since he was 9, Richard has held the honored chore of tending his father’s cattle; in his free time, he tinkered with electrical gadgets. After dismantling the few household appliances, Richard taught himself how to fix them, and then he started inventing. He fit his parents’ home with fans made from car parts and other junkyard components harvested from junkyards, then built other inventions for his neighbors.

Now 13, he is renowned for inventing “lion lights,” a fence made of basic pieces (solar charging cells, flashlight parts), which quickly and effectively scares lions away from his father’s cattle. Richard’s dream is to be an aircraft engineer.


Such an inspiration. A non-violent, simple, effective resolution to an age-old problem. Things like this make me think our world will be in good hands with youth like Richard!

I do think that Africa needs such great minds : indeed he’s proven that you don’t need a million dollars to bring change. In one’s own creative world of inventions-anything is “possible”. If we can think,perhaps have a rethink about the many things we can do to bring sustainable changes in our societies, i believe the world which is now ill can be healed. We are not animals, we (humans) are different so lets “create” the difference.


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