Brown Ladies: You Do Not Need To Whiten Your Vagina

27 Apr

By XOJane

Beauty companies in Asia had so much success selling whitening products for the face, they’ve decided to shame you into thinking your genitalia should be white, too. I’m over it.

If my vagina could talk, it would have a monologue going on for days; one that I wouldn’t want my mother to hear.

My years of so-bad-it’s-good decisions were never my gut’s fault; they’ve all been my vagina’s fault. The back-of-cab rendezvous all over the world, the spontaneous decision to go to a stranger’s house in Berlin so she can “play the piano” for me, and the almost blasé shrug-shoulders-and-pop-this-pill spur-of-the-moment moments–my vagina takes the blame, proudly.

The other day, however, my historically shameless vagina was shamed by this ad.

On top of the fact that people are shoving whitening creams into my face and armpits every time I walk into a mall in Asia, I now get the impression that I should be upset that my crotch is brown. I’m not sure about you, but doesn’t it make sense that brown people (or as I call my skin color, Nutella) should have brown crotches?

The Indian obsession with fairness is an unfortunate phenomenon that has seen women buying and applying products that claim to make them several shades fairer. Pregnant women in rural areas believe they will give birth to light-skinned babies if they consume lots of white dairy products such as milk and yogurt.

This is not an Indian exclusive, of course. Switch on the telly or go through a local magazine anywhere in Asia and you’ll be bombarded with ads that tell you that fairer skin will give you a better life. Fair skin is associated with a higher social class–a backward, primitive notion. Darker skin is associated with laborers, farmers and others who toil under the sun. It’s embodiment of uncouthness, according to the television, and apparently, it’s just as undesirable in your pants as it is on your face.

The Clean & Dry Intimate Wash people aren’t the only culprits. Lactacyd White Intimate has taken over drugstore shelves in Southeast Asia, promising to make the skin around women’s genitals and upper thighs fairer within four weeks. What’s more appalling is that women are actually suckered into buying these products. The likes for their Facebook Page in Singapore alone is at 22,000. That’s 22,000 women from one of the world’s richest nations who have been brainwashed to believe that crotches are better if they’re lighter.


I bought it to clean my toilet.

I, for one, am sick of it. I find a lot of joy in primping myself, but there’s a fine line between enjoying beauty and selling things to women that make them feel inadequate. Apparently, women should be ashamed of their dark skin, and even more shamed of dark genitalia.

I think my vagina works just as well as when it’s brown. In fact, I’d be concerned that it might be less of a powerhouse after I’ve doused it with bleaching agents.

It’s time women stopped buying into this crap. Bloggers need to stop writing reviews about genital whitening products just because companies are paying them. If you stopped consuming, they’d stop producing.

My brown vagina says no. What about yours?

This post originally appeared on XOJane.


2 Responses to “Brown Ladies: You Do Not Need To Whiten Your Vagina”

  1. Lorna April 27, 2013 at 12:19 #

    what a shame!how can women use these products?Is it possible to hate so much your body?Reading such things makes me feel really disappointed.

  2. Cousin von Erich May 7, 2013 at 15:39 #

    Quite frankly I thought it was the other way round… this pig snout white pinkish pussy, what could possibly be the point in sticking anything in that????? Give these white bitches some shoe cream instead… who knows they might even get laid…. I stick to choca, mocca… no wienerschnitzel for me.

    Cousin von Erich

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