Finding my Obama

30 Apr

When I saw this, I laughed and laughed and laughed, I’ve been single for Quite a Few Years now and every time someone asks me what do you want, what are you looking for, I will say, I want to find my Obama, my Obama.
The brand new web series Finding My Obama, Written by TV sitcom writers Antonia March and Jacqueline McKinley, the series follows a young single African-American, played by Nefetari Spencer, who is tired of games and players and in search of “a man of substance.” From dating to friends, to her thoughts on love and the ideal relationship, Nef is a familiar yet unique character. With a pinch of Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) and a dab of the hit show “Girlfriends,” the formula for this series is not only embedded in the lives of many single women, but it also has a familiar tone that TV viewers can appreciate. Women all over the world view President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s relationship as the paradigm for lasting love. Their example has inspired a new web series called “Finding My Obama
Watch the first episode of the series below.


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